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     AGR assures you that our Mini-ball is safe and fun for ages 4+. This activity includes a light weight, fully automatic Mini-ball gun, a mask, and no specific time limit as long as you have ammo.

      No mess, No stress. Being stain-free is another reason as to why we recommend this activity to families.

Why Miniball?

·       Fully automatic guns, lightweight and a great time for anyone playing!

·       No mess, so no stress. You will not get any stains on your clothing.

·       Ages 4+ friendly!

·       MORE AMMO, each refill includes 750 rounds of ammo for longer play times!

·       NO TIME LIMIT! As long as you have ammo, you keep going!

·       Lower impact ammo, each Gellyball is similar to an orbeez ball.


That’s right all you 80’s and 90’s kids, same orbeez you all grew up playing with.

So you already know it leaves no residue!

Need more ammo? No problem! We have full refills of 750 available for purchase so your group can continue having a great time. Remember Miniball has NO TIME LIMIT, you play as long as you have ammo!


What is better than all of that?

The great time your group will have! Miniball is sure to be a fantastic choice for you, wether you come to our facility to try it out OR we go to you for a mobile event, either way you will have a very happy group at the end of your event.

Call us today to reserve your spot or walk on in!