Laser Tag Houston, Paintball, Airsoft [Houston, TX], Laser fight in Houston

Multiple Options for a Party or Group Gathering!

Indoor Paintball in Houston 

  In our facility, all of the gun rentals and mask rentals are included. Paintball is safe for kids seven and up! If you would like protective gear we have camo, vests and gloves.


  Mobile Paintball in Houston and Surrounding Cities –

We are the only one’s in Texas that offer Mobile Paintball! That’s right, we go to you! We travel up to 5 hours for all Mobile events. If over 35 miles, we do charge an additional travel fee but at reasonable prices. We go all out for you, gun rentals, masks, ammo and extra in case you would like to purchase more, air tanks, professional bunkers, we make sure you have the time of your life! If you would like for us to include a professional sound system and fog machine or custom lighting to your event, it will be an additional charge depending on what you would like. For Mobile Paintball due to our insurance and paint getting everywhere, we do require that the land is privately owned with at least 1/2 an acre. This is to avoid angry neighbors LOL! Mobile Paintball is our only event that reqires private land, all others can be done at your home, a park, school, church or even company building.

Indoor Laser Tag Houston –

  Our Laser Tag is not your typical Laser Tag that you usually play in a dark maze. We offer something different.  Our Laser Tag  is of a new generation, you play on the professional paintball field, only with laser tag equipment. Our guns are state of the art with different game modes and no bulky vests or attatchments! You only need a head sensor and the gun, any shot to the body and our sensors will instantly say, ” You are wounded, Take Cover.” Laser Tag is fun for all ages but ideal for kids who want to play Paintball and are still too small. It will be fun and exciting for them to play on the professional field with different game modes! .


     Mobile Laser Tag Houston –

This is one of our most popular packages, not only is it more convenient for you, but you can have fun in the comfort of your own home!  We’ll setup our inflatable bunkers anywhere, in your backyard, a school,  in the park , at a Church or even in inside your home if the space allows! With our State of the Art Tactical Laser Guns, professional bunkers, sound systems, fog machine and custom lighting, we are sure your guests will be talking about it for years to come. Most of our Mobile parties book us all over again and again. In all of our events, we strive to offer you the best and most entertaining experience possible!