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Indoor Paintball

We changed the game of paintball which is why we are the highest ranked paintball field in the world. We do not want paintball to be traumatizing for kids or anyone. Most of our guests are first timers.

This not your typical outdoor paintball, we offer low impact paintball safe for kids 7 and up. Our paintballs are custom made, white, non-toxic, water based and will not stain your clothes or shoes. This is great for us and you making it easy for clean-up. Our guns are also custom made, which is meaning same speed and strength for everyone.

We separate players by age groups meaning children with children, teens with teens, adults with adults. If family groups would like to play together, they, can they just need to ask our refs. It is open play  for all groups. If you would like to play privately with your group you will need to play an additional one-time fee of $100.00 for your own rotation in our rotation zone. When in our arena you may ask our ref to play whatever music you would like to listen to while you play, just ask our refs! Also, before you go in, talk to our refs about game modes you can choose from like zombie mode, save the president, capture the flag, wild wild west and so much more!

Basic Paintball gives you a rental marker, mask, 150 paintballs, unlimited air refills, up to 3 hours of play time.

Deluxe Paintball gives you a rental marker, mask, 300 paintballs, unlimited air refills, up to 3 hours of play time.

VIP Paintball gives you a rental marker, 500 paintballs which is a  two full hoppers (paintball gun). Giving you more play time! Unlimited air refills, protection camo suit, Up to 3 hours of play time.

If you are going to be renting our protection and getting a basic package, it is cheaper for you to get our VIP deal prepaid which includes more paint AND the suits in them! Just make sure you prepay your tickets no later than 72 -24 hours in advance because our systems in store and online will not let us honor it the day of. Thank you for choosing AGR Sports Adventure parks for your next destination for non-stop fun! We can’t wait to see you!