Birthday Party - Three options for you!

For parents every year a new challenge for organizing parties for their children! AGRSports team prepared three birthday party options for you. Indoor paintball (Low imact). Indoor Laser Tag and Mpbile Laser Tag!

The first option - Indoor Paintball



     Indoor paintball in Houston. In our complex it is possible to play paintball, for each group we’ll give a personal table. You can order a private party from us or play with the general group. For paintball, we recommend the age of 9 years old. On the game will help you personal paintball instructor.



The second option - Indoor Laser Tag



   Indoor Laser Tag Houston is not a typical laser tag in a dark maze as we all used to. We have a laser tag of a new generation and you play on the paintball field, only with laser tag equipment. Children who want to play paintball, but still small, it will be interesting for them to play on the paintball field and feel like a paintball player! Parents will be able to watch the game right near the field.


    In our paintball and laser tag complex AGRSports you can bring cake, pizza, drinks and everything you need to celebrate the party.


    We have a very clean paintball field and recreation area. This is not a typical paintball and laser tag complex. AGRSports is a new emotion for you.


     The third option - Mobile laser tag (backyard party)



     Mobile Laser Tag Houston - This is the best way if you don’t want to go anywhere, then we’ll come to you. We’ll setup our inflatable bunkers anywhere, on your backyard, near your school or in the park. You can play our laser tag at any time of the day and in any weather. We have a lot of additional equipment that will help make your party unforgettable.


More about the paintball and Laser Tag here: PRESS