Covid-19 Party Ideas in Houston Indoors or Mobile!


  Are you looking for party ideas during this pandemic?  Look no further! At AGR Sports, we offer Indoor and Mobile Parties. We have options for children as young as 4 and adults! Fun for all ages!  We offer Paintball, Laser Tag and Gellyball. 


If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the world is changing very quickly and anyone can get sick these days. Completely healthy people catching the virus, it's terrifying. All of our equipment gets cleaned and sanitized for a full 24 hours prior to use. So if you are using one of our rentals, you know that no one else has used it within that time frame. Our protective face masks especially, they get sanitized twice. We really are doing our best to stop the spread of this virus. 

It is always our goal to offer you the best party, something that not only you will remember for years to come but your guests will as well. With our new safety and cleaning procedures in place, your guests will have peace of mind that they are safe while having an amazing time! 

We have several party options available for you! We offer both Indoor and Mobile Paintball, Tactical Laser Tag and Gellyball. In Spring of 2021 we will be introducing a full Arcade room and both Indoor and Mobile Axe Throwing to our list of attractions! 


Book your Indoor or Mobile party with us now! 

     Price for laser tag and indoor paintbal Houston HERE. PRESS