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  Are you looking for a fun and affordable party for your child? As our children age it is difficult to find somethinng both fun and afforadable. At AGR Sportst it is our goal to provide you with the best options available. We have several different options from Paintball, Laser Tag and Jellyball. 


     The world is changing very fast, and therefore the interests of children are changing even faster. It is necessary to keep up with them as they change and discover fun new things that interest them. Let us help you get your kinds intereted into our activities instead of their devices and Youtube.

     Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you live in different places of life. So now, in order to tear the child away from the gadget, in order to spend time with family and friends, mothers have to come up with real content that is more interesting than YouTube.  

    We can help solve this problem!  We combined different active games to find an activity for each age. We managed to make real content, better than electronics. Your kids will love it! 

 Evening fatigue after a good, active and positive day leaves you feeling like doing it again! Parent's are so happy with their choices! 


  We have several  active game options in Houston: Indoor Paintball, Indoor Jellyball, Inndoor Laser Tag and even Bazookaball! Can't come to us? No problem!  Mobile Laser Tag (Laser Tag at your home), Mobile Paintball, Mobile Jellyball,  AGRSport to help you plan the best birthday party for an unforgettable event! 


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