Indoor Paintball Houston

Our Indoore Paintball in Houston just low impact. We made comfortable conditions for birthdays and corporate parties.

In our complex you can play paintball, Laser Tag, play at the Play Station. We have a kids area.



In our complex you can play paintball, laser tag, play at the Play Station. We have a kids area.

There is a recreation area for parents with window to paintball area.

Playing indoor paintball is comfortable at any time of the year. Now you can plan paintball and laser tag in advance and not think about the weather.


AGR Sports is the cleanest and most comfortable Indoor paintball in Houston and in the USA. Now playing paintball is even more interesting.


We use only low impact paintball so that children can play comfortably. Parents can not worry about the safety of children, as obstacles we use inflatable bunkers, and cover us turf, which allows you to safely play paintball and laser tag.


Guests and parents who don’t play, can see the game from the recreation area, while watching football and baseball matches on TV.


Our Indoor paintball in Houston is located at 1300 E 40 Street, Houston. Opening we plan in May 2019.


And now while you can book a backyard Laser Tag party.

Mobile Laser Tag Here prices: Click here


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