Fun birthday Party with AGRSports

Fun birthday with AGRSports

You can play Paintball Laser Tag and Bazookaball!

You can play Laser Tag and Bazookaball in your home!


Our outdoor laser tag is very popular! Because it's a new product for the United States. Our equipment can be used outside anytime. You don't need to wait for the dark time.

Tactical laser tag has a headband with sensors, recoil, low weight, statistics, rage 300 yards, more than 10 scenarios

Our equipment does not use a laser system, we use infrared technology. (Infrared technology is like a remote control technology)

We can setup inflatable shelters in: the backyard, public park, office, gym or in the parking lot.

AGRSports likes to organize the Laser Tag game for a birthday party, our instructors make very funny games for children and adults.

In 2018 we started organizing games Paintball and Bazookaball!

We always create something new for our customers!

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Indoor or outdoor Laser Tag in Houston and all Texas



Indoor or outdoor Bazookaball in Houston and all Texas




Outdoor Paintball in Houston and all Texas