Laser Tag or laser Paintball in Houston

Laser tag or laser paintball is a high-tech military game in an open area. The meaning of the game is to defeat opponents with safe laser shots from a laser gun. The player is defeated through the registration of the beam with special sensors attached to the head. 
Laser tag is very popular in training police because target blood range up to 300 yards. 

Electronic control completely excludes dishonest game !!! 
8 reasons to play Laser Tag in Houston with AGR Sports!!! 
1. No pain as in paintball; 
2. Range - 300 yards; 
3. Installed collimator sights for a comfortable game; 
4. Voice notification at the weapon (“you are wounded”, “you are killed, back to the base”); 
5. There is no age limit; 
6. There is no opportunity to play not fair; 
7. Unlimited shots; 
8. Use of electronic systems in scenarios (flag capture, radiation zone, bomb neutralization, vampire).

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