If you want to create your own business, AGRSports can help you.

We have 11 years of experience in the field of paintball and laser tags

Laser Tag is the best solution for running your own business or adding to your own paintball business

It's very easy to make games with a laser tag, because you don't need protection, and to start your own business you don't need a locatin. With a mobile laser tag, you get an income of $5000-8000/Month.

With own location you can make $25000-40000 per./month


Minimal package for begin Laser Tag business:

10pcs. Laser Tag equipment - $7000-10000

Inflatable bunkers 10-12pcs. - $2000

Additional equipment - $500





Instruction how to customize Outdoor Laser Tag equipment with AGRSports. Outdoor or indoor Laser Tag equipment for start your own business or develop old business! We have test guns! If you have paintball business, we know how to increase your income with Laser Tag AGRSports USA ready to help you! Call us +1 281 657-9220 e-mail: