Laser Tag Houston, Paintball, Airsoft [Houston, TX], Laser fight in Houston

About Us

Our dream came to life 15 years ago in Ukraine. We took the AGR out of our sister company, Agressor. Agressor being one of the largest paintball companies in all of Europe has left us with big shoes to fill and we have AGR Sports adventure parks even bigger. We want to offer you the most interactive and fun experience out there!

We offer several unique indoor experiences perfect for any weather all year long….

  • * Paintball                     
  • * Miniball
  • * Tactical Laser Tag       
  • * Bazooka Ball
  • * Nerf Wars                   
  • * Axe Throwing

Our highly trained referees will make sure you have the best time while following all safety protocols. We have several different game modes to choose from…

  • * Capture the Flag
  • * Battlefield USA
  • * Free for All
  • * One in the Chamber
  • * Team Death Match
  • * Soccer Paintball
  • * Iron Man
  • * Quick Scope
  • * Wild Wild West
  • * Protect the President
  • * Zombie
  • *Tournaments/Trainings

And many more! If you have any game ideas you want to try out, you can ask our refs and they are open to trying new things to make sure you have the best expierience possible!