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Mobile Laser Tag


● These are the best and most entertaining games when you are planning parties and group events.
● Most games are action-packed and reactivate the deactivated all the players.
● A variety of games can be played in a short duration of time.
● The games can be modified as per the taste of the audience.
● These games can be played in all light conditions, including sunlight. Daytime is the best time to play since it gives an enjoyable laser tag experience.
● The mobility provided by the game is what works best for people. You can set up the whole event in your own yard, or any local park. This gives you a lot of flexibility.
● The Game Master has a unique and strategy-friendly extensive battlefield.
● The blaster and the headbands have all the receivers that get all the hits by the opponents. The game gets exciting because if you aim at your opponent and do not take proper cover you can also be hit.
● The game provides pop-up bunkers that help and protect the players from getting hit.
● The games are safe and kid-friendly too. It is the perfect setup for running any kind of corporate outings or fun birthday parties or other festivals.

Mobile Tactical Laser Tag AGRSports will help you to organize the best outdoor birthday party or corporate event!

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Laser Tag Game is a well-known game in the leisure entertainment. It combines electronics with physical activity making it an unforgettable experience. In this game, laser tag guns are used. They emit infrared-emitting light weapons to tag certain targets. Each participant often wears an infrared-sensitive signaling vest or headband to track hits, and the arena where the game is played is arranged in a way to provide obstacles to hide behind.

● It is a fun game that is similar to paintball.

● There is no laser danger because this game use infrared.

● The infrared system is similar to the military and law enforcement. The equipment used for army training is used in Laser Tag Game.

● Since this game involves teamwork, it has truly little violence.

● The game can be both indoor and outdoor.

● All age groups can play this game, starting from 4 years of age and above. The game experience is mind-blowing.

● The shots are invisible. This requires players to aim smartly in order to make hits. The players have to take cover, use both defensive and aggressive tactics. The experience is more fun and wholesome.

● We have mobile option hence it can be played at any desired location.

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