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Paintball price

Regular 1 Game

$ 28

One Game

250 Paintballs

Paintball Gun

Safety mask

up to 15 min session

Glow In The Dark

$ 33

One Game

250 Paintballs

Paintball gun

Safety mask

up to 15min session


$ 35


250 Paintballs

Paintball gun

Safety mask

unlimited sessions

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ALL DAY PLAY PASS TICKETS – $35.00 per player with 250 paintballs each. This is not a timed match and you are able to play multiple rounds with the paint we include. If you run out, we sell them as well so you can keep playing paintball all day!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL games are not private nor are they back to back. You will be playing with other players in the same age bracket for the same adventure you choose. We will not mix children with adults unless they are part of a family group. There is usually a 10 minute – 30 minute wait in between games depending all on how busy we are. Usually most groups take a break also to catch their breath as our adventures really get that adrenaline going!


100 paintballs – $9.99

500 paintballs – $34.99 – Regular Paint
100 paintballs – $14.99 – Glow in the Dark Paint
*All paint is water based and low impact.*


Additional equipment:

Camo – $8.95
Protection vest – $6.95
Gloves – $1.95


Note: Even if not playing private, your group playing against other players in the same ages bracket.

Event is considered booked only after payment or deposit.


* –  This special experience ensures your group enjoys a dedicated rotation, without merging with another. Elevate your paintball experience with a personalized touch!

Discover paintball in a whole new way with our exclusive low-impact version, perfect for kids aged 7 and up.

Our facility prioritizes both safety and enjoyment. We organize players by age to ensure a comfortable and exciting atmosphere. Families wanting to play together can request a combined experience during our open play sessions. For a more private and personalized adventure, explore our exclusive play option.




Exclusively at AGR Sports Adventure Parks only, the most paint for your money! 
We have a 1 Game, 3 Game and  All Day Paintball Pass.
* Games are per player and cannot be split between your group. 1 ticket per player *