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We allow outside markers on Thursdays during our open play nights!

Depending on the which of our fields you are playing at we can have up to 7v7 matches, but the best experience is going to be 3v3 or 5v5.

No, in addition to axes, we also offer throwing of Darts and Ninja Stars. All throwing activities are supervised by our trained staff for your safety.

Paintball is an exhilarating and inclusive sport that welcomes players of all ages. Participants form teams and compete in a wide range of game modes, each offering unique challenges and objectives. The versatility of the sport allows for games to be held in natural wooded environments or on meticulously crafted "concept" fields, often referred to as "Speedball" arenas. These purpose-built fields provide a level playing surface adorned with strategically placed bunkers and obstacles, creating a dynamic and tactical gameplay experience. Armed with air-powered guns, known as markers, players engage in fast-paced battles, launching spherical projectiles called paintballs at their opponents. These paintballs are ingeniously designed, featuring a water-soluble filling encapsulated within a gelatin-based shell. This eco-friendly composition ensures that the paintballs are non-toxic, biodegradable, and harmless to the environment. The ultimate goal in paintball varies depending on the specific game mode, but a common objective is to eliminate opposing team members while striving to accomplish a set task, such as capturing the enemy's flag. When a player is struck by a paintball that ruptures upon impact, they are considered eliminated from that particular round. This element of sudden elimination adds an exhilarating layer of intensity to the game, as players must constantly adapt their strategies and rely on quick reflexes to avoid being hit. Paintball is more than just a physical sport; it demands teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking. Players must work together to outmaneuver their opponents, devise clever tactics, and make split-second decisions in the heat of battle. The adrenaline-pumping nature of the sport, combined with the camaraderie and sportsmanship fostered among teammates, creates an unforgettable and addictive experience for all who participate.

Bazooka Ball is an exciting and unique combat sport offered at AGR Sports, combining elements of paintball and laser tag for an unforgettable experience! In Bazooka Ball, players use specially designed foam ball launchers that resemble mini bazookas. These air-powered launchers fire soft, foam balls at opposing players, making it a safer alternative to traditional paintball while still providing an adrenaline-pumping challenge. The foam balls used in Bazooka Ball are about the size of a ping pong ball and are designed to bounce off players without causing any pain or leaving marks. This makes the game suitable for players of all ages and skill levels, as it eliminates the fear of getting hurt that some may associate with paintball. Bazooka Ball is played in our state-of-the-art indoor arena, which features obstacles, barriers, and strategic hiding spots that add to the excitement and challenge of the game. Players can dive, dodge, and roll their way to victory as they attempt to eliminate opponents and complete objectives. One of the best things about Bazooka Ball is that it's easy to learn and play. Our experienced staff will provide you with all the necessary equipment, including launchers, foam balls, and protective gear, and guide you through the rules and strategies of the game. Whether you're looking for a fun activity for a birthday party, a unique team-building exercise, or just a thrilling way to spend an afternoon with friends, Bazooka Ball at AGR Sports is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience. So, gather your crew, get ready to unleash your inner warrior, and come experience the excitement of Bazooka Ball at AGR Sports! With its perfect blend of strategy, skill, and adrenaline-pumping fun, it's no wonder why Bazooka Ball is quickly becoming one of our most popular attractions.

Yes, your child can play paintball at AGR Sports! We welcome kids as young as 7 to experience the thrill of our low-impact paintball games. However, for children between the ages of 7 and 10, we require a parent or guardian to accompany them on the field. This ensures that our younger players feel safe, comfortable, and fully supported throughout their paintball experience. To prioritize the safety of our young players, we require all children to be fully protected with appropriate gear. This includes wearing camo clothing and a protective vest, which we can provide if needed. Our staff will be happy to assist you in ensuring that your child is properly equipped before entering the paintball arena. For kids aged 11 and above, they are permitted to play without direct parental supervision. However, we still recommend that a parent or guardian be present at the facility to offer support and encouragement. At AGR Sports, we are committed to providing a safe, enjoyable, and memorable paintball experience for players of all ages. Our low-impact paintballs, custom-made guns, and experienced staff ensure that your child will have a fantastic time while prioritizing their well-being. If you have any further questions or concerns about your child's participation in paintball, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff. We'll be more than happy to provide you with additional information and assist you in making your child's paintball experience at AGR Sports an unforgettable one!

Our Houston location allows outside food and drink so feel free to bring food and drinks! Our Katy location has a full bar and kitchen with plenty of affordable and delicious options, so we only allow birthday cakes or cupcakes.

There is no cancellation fee but the deposit for the party is not refundable.

At AGR Sports Katy, we've got you covered with a mouthwatering selection of food options that will keep you fueled and satisfied throughout your adventure-packed day! Our menu features classic favorites that are sure to please every palate. Sink your teeth into one of our juicy burgers, cooked to perfection and topped with your choice of fixings. Or, grab a slice of our delicious pizza, available in a variety of irresistible toppings that will have you coming back for more. If you're in the mood for something on the spicier side, our wings are a must-try! Choose from a range of flavors, from mild to wild, and enjoy them alongside a refreshing beverage from our full bar. For those who prefer a lighter option, our crispy chicken strips are the perfect choice. Tender, juicy, and packed with flavor, they're a hit with kids and adults alike. Speaking of our full bar, we've got an impressive selection of drinks to quench your thirst and celebrate your victories. From ice-cold beers and handcrafted cocktails to refreshing sodas and energy drinks, our skilled bartenders have got you covered.